TAC Rally (Tielt)

indexFollowing our abandonment during the first inning in Landen, we could test our engine repaired in the Rally of Hannut where we no longer experience any problems missed.

After a white result, it was important to score big points on the road to Tielt. Yet we were moderately optimistic, I have indeed participated in this rally only once in 2008 and the adventure had ended prematurely in a ditch at the beginning of the second loop.

The first special is also the longest, no time to make his mark, and input is performed the second time in Group N, tied with Verschueren, the winner of Haspengouw and 2 seconds behind Alex Roman. The first loop runs smoothly and is in second place that we return to the first service.

In the second loop, we start to pay attention to the wrong strings and time are felt, the


subaru are indeed faster. The first stage of the 3rd loop will be decisive, the engine of Verschueren makes the soul and Mathias Boon, we précédions at that time of 5 seconds and die on a hidden stone, as fatal to Romain Langenakens. We therefore find ourselves in the lead with more than 20 seconds ahead of a trio of evo 10 Colsoul team, led by Mathias Viaene.

We succeed in this loop to keep the gap but brake problems in the latest special make us fear the return of Viaene. We arrive anyway to contain and thus win group N. victory Excellent result that allows us to celebrate in the best way it is working with a new partner.

Our Evo 9 has again met with no mechanical worries and Philcars team was very efficient assistance, this result stimulus for the championship and it will confirm on the roads of the Rallye de Wallonie in 15 days!

Haspengouw Rally –

maxresdefaultThe hellish conditions awaiting us for special premieres this Haspengouw Rally 2010.

We started the rally with a wrong tire choice, inviting the rain at the last moment is on slicks we have traveled the first special stage on the former military base Brustem. If one is doing rather well by reporting our opponents shod with the same rise, despite a straight and lost 10 seconds after the gas is stranded with the crossing of bleeding, Mathias Boon makes time barrel having opted for soft tires mixed.

Then the second stage is long enough and decided to put on the front two tires embedded rains in the car, allowing us to achieve an excellent sixth time overall, 2nd time behind gr N Vincent Verschueren. After two more good times in the 3rd and 4th special, we go to the 9th assistance generally in 3rd behind gr N Subaru Boon and Verschueren, but before the latest Evo X Colsoul Bob and Alex Roman.

Property left in the second passage of Brustem, the engine decides to give up the ghost without warning, forcing us to abandon! Big disappointment and especially a joker used in the championship from the first test.

See you in Tielt, April 10, for the rest of the championship 2010!

New decor 2010!

The 2010 program is known: with the addition of a new partner, I have the chance to participate this year in the Belgian Rally Championship where I will be aiming, with Kris Botson my side, the defending Group N.

To celebrate the event, our Mitsubishi Evo IX presents its new dress!